How To Growth Hack Your Idea To Profits In 21 Days [Training] Pt. 4 (My 13 Top Product Creation Ideas)


Hi, Mark Huber here from beautiful Vancouver, Canada

Where we help entrepreneurs and people just like you create profitable online businesses from just one good idea.

Welcome to today’s training!

Have you ever considered making an info product of your own and selling it online? I mean, you see others doing it – why can’t you?

Do you have a big idea that you’d like to bring to market?

Something that may not revolutionize the world as we know it but something that could perhaps revolutionize your bank account for the better?

Ever thought about that?

So what’s holding you back?

Maybe it’s a simple question like:

“Will I be able to sell it?”

Well, let me be clear, this is a question full of anxiety. It tricks you into thinking creating an info product is a tremendous risk.

And what, if after you’ve spend weeks or months creating an info product—and it fails?

So here’s the thing…

First, let me say that anyone can create a profitable info product.

Anyone, including you! Really!

Now of course, it will help if you know something about marketing and selling online. But don’t let a lack of marketing experience stop you.

Anyone can learn to sell info products online. (Really, if I can than so can you!)

You! Yes YOU can make money selling info products!

Now, if you already run a successful business, you have all the ingredients you need to create a successful info product—right now—even if you don’t know it yet.

This is true any type of business—even traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

Own a restaurant? You have one-of-a-kind recipes. You have years of experience in the kitchen. You know how to get quality food. You know what food to buy locally vs. foods that are better from overseas.

All of these could be turned into extremely valuable information products.

Doctors, dentists, lawyers, landscaping companies, roofing companies, cleaning services, copywriters, graphic designers, personal trainers, accountants, local golf pros… I could go on and on.

Whatever your business, you have expertise. And there are people who would love to learn how to do what you do.

What I Learned from My First Info Product

I truly believe that anyone can create and sell info products.

Now, some of you hearing this won’t believe me.

You’re not convinced that you could create, sell, and profit from information products online.

To you I say, I understand where you’re coming from.

The first information product I made was a little 40 minute audio recording of an interview I did with Fraser Smith, a Canadian best selling author of ‘The Smith Manoeuvre’.

I created a ‘slide deck’ of images and ‘re recorded’ it as a video and ‘voila’ I had a webinar! (This was over 8 years ago when what we take for granted today was in it’s infancy and much more difficult to produce…)

Then I wrote a 35 page eBook and ‘re recorded’ the webinar to include my ebook offer!

And to this day, day in and day out, I make sales on this small venture that I did over 8 years ago!!!

(You can check it out for yourself if you want to.

Here are the links:
‘The Smith Manoeuvre’ Exposed – Webinar

‘The UnCanadian Way To Get Rid Of Your Mortgage And Create Wealth’ – Ebook ‘sales page’

The experience opened up my eyes and threw my brain into overdrive because I knew I had stumbled onto something that had the potential for greatness!

I fiercely studied online sales and Internet Marketing and spent literally 10’s of thousands of dollars in courses and coaching and through it all I constantly worked at streamlining my marketing efforts so that I was able to have a virtually automated sales funnel giving me leads and prospects on a 24/7 basis.

It was miraculous!


Not because it gave me instant credibility in the fiercely competitive financial services industry because Fraser Smith was a ‘really big deal’ – and I had done an interview with him…

Not because it gave me ‘expert’ status with prospective clients looking for a financial advisor…

But because now I had a process in place where instead of spending 80 percent of my time ‘prospecting’ for new clients and business – I now had 80 percent of my time free and available to sit down with people who were attracted to me via my automated sales funnel and who already felt comfortable because of the ‘know, like and trust’ factors that come with doing interviews/audios/webinars, etc.

Folks, that was a real game changer for me.

Then I began to teach other advisors how to do the same. And things just went from there!

In fact, I run a coaching services firm where the motto is: ‘Create your dream business with just one good webinar’

And it’s true!

You certainly can and should.

The MANY Ways to Profit from Info Products (Beyond Money)

Yes, anyone can create and sell info products online.

But for now, let me tell you just a few of the many ways you can profit by creating an information product—beyond the money itself.

1. Turn Your Competition into Customers

I know, it’s easy to hate your competition!

They’re taking away customers that could be buying from you.

But what if you could turn your competition into a completely new audience of paying customers?

Info products give you a unique opportunity to profit from people who would otherwise only be taking money out of your pocket.

I wanted to start with this one because it’s so fun and profitable and it will get your creative juices going!

So, what say could a mechanic offer as an info product? Mechanics are easy!

A diesel mechanic specifically could create a step by step video instruction on how to dismantle and repair diesel engines.

Auto mechanics are fantastic candidates to create info products. And the more specialized the mechanic (e.g. a diesel mechanic), the better.

One of the great things about info products is it gives anyone a chance to turn their competition into their customer.

Normally, an independent diesel mechanic would only interact with people who drive diesel-powered vehicles.

If the mechanic wanted to create an info product for his normal customer base, he could easily compile all the tips he normally gives that audience into a book or a video course. Something like, “10 Essential Maintenance Practices for Diesel Powered Vehicles.”

That could work – and would probably generate more regular repair jobs for the mechanic as well.

But the second audience is other diesel mechanics. Especially people who want to become diesel mechanics – either at home as a hobby or professionally.

These people would normally be in competition with the mechanic. But by creating an info product for them, all of a sudden the mechanic now becomes a leader among them – and can generate revenue from people who used to only steal revenue away.

Sometimes you just need to be creative to come up with an info product that serves a need in the niche in your market place but it’s a magical thing when done right.

And it works in any industry or niche!

2. Get Better at Your Work

“While we teach, we learn,” said the Roman philosopher Seneca.

He was right: we learn best by teaching.

Creating an information product forces you to think through exactly what you know.

It’s a process that often leads to new insights about how you do your work.

In turn, these insights help you accomplish your work better and faster than you ever did before you created an info product.

3. You’re Forced to Document Your Process

Long ago I created a Google Sheet to document a research process I use with new clients.

To this day, I still pull out that Google Sheet and use it with new clients. Using it ensures I don’t miss anything.

This is the value of documenting your process, something I would never have done if I hadn’t created an info product.

4. Reach New Customers

If you’re a consultant, you can work with a few dozen people a year at the most.

When you create an info product, you can reach many more people, including markets you could never reach otherwise.

If you’ve dreamed of helping more people with your work, an info product is a great way to do it.

5. Make Onboarding New Clients Much Easier

No matter what you sell, there are usually some standard things you do with new customers.

This is especially true for services businesses. If you sell hours or labor, you probably have a specific set of steps you follow with new clients, every time.

When you create an info product, you’ll almost certainly include this “on boarding” sequence. Which means you’ll have a great new way to on board new one-on-one clients.

Instead of giving each new client a personal orientation, have them go through your info product (probably a series of videos or maybe audios), then meet with them to answer questions.

By itself, this can save countless hours for consultants and other service providers.

6. Instant Credibility

When you have an info product for sale, people will automatically assume you’re an expert.

This is another great positioning tactic for freelancers and consultants. Sometimes it’s not easy to gain the respect and trust of new clients. But if you have info products for sale, it’s much more likely the client will view you as an expert, not just a contractor.

7. Gain High-Ticket Clients

Some coaches and consultants draw their entire customer base from lists of people who’ve purchased info products from them.

It’s a natural step. If a customer has already purchased an info product for you, it means you have their trust.

A high-ticket coaching or consulting program is much easier to sell to this kind of audience than to cold traffic.

8. Upsell Current Customers

One of the best ways to make money is to create new things to sell to current and former customers.

In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, “acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.”

Selling info products to your customer list is a perfect way to make more money from people who already know, like, and trust you.

9. Advertising Campaign Material

Info products can act as gateway products in a traditional sales funnel.

They can be especially effective in re targeting campaigns.

For example, run a FB ad promoting your content, then re target the people who clicked. Show the re targeting audience an ad for your info product. Trust me – this works!

10. Use the Products as Premium Giveaways

Contests are a great way to compel action. And giving away “five copies of my program” is an ethical bribe you can use in all sorts of situations.

Want to poll your audience? Need feedback on a new product or service? Want to offer prizes to affiliate partners who bring you regular business?

Offering a drawing for a free copy of your info product can be a very effective way to drive action in all those situations.

11. Gain New Skills

When you sit down to create an info product, it will feel like there are a thousand things you don’t know.

Where do I host the product? How do I create member logins? What kind of payment processor should I use? Should I record my face on the video? Should I talk over slides? How do I record my screen anyway?

You’ll hit and overcome these and many more obstacles along the way.

12. Discover New Business Opportunities

Creating an info product means you’ll promote your info product.

Promotion almost always means meeting new people. Don’t be surprised if some of these people start offering you opportunities.

I’ve been on podcasts, had guest post opportunities drop in my inbox out of the blue, and made dozens of new friends this way.

13. Create the Perfect Outsourcing Training

I occasionally outsource work to other professionals. I have a few I trust to do a good job with the work I need done. Before they worked for me, I made sure they went through an old info product training I have for the type of work I wanted them to do.

That gave them the framework I wanted them to use. And it helps us as we talk about changes and edits. They understand my language, my goals, and my pet peeves. But only because they’ve been through my training.

Is My Business, Niche, or Skill Set Good for Info Products?

You might be wondering: “Could someone in my business or with my skills create a successful info product?”

The answer is yes.

No matter what industry you’re in or what skills you have, you can create an info product.

Here are my 13 Top Product Creation Ideas (and examples)

1. Business Coach

Skill areas:
• Motivation
• Accountability
• Process improvement

Possible info product:
• ‘The 30-Day Time-Management Overhaul: A Revolutionary New Approach to Time Management for Busy Corporate Executives’ (email autoresponder series)

2. Freelance Writer

Skill areas:
• Writing
• Editing
• Proofreading

Possible info product:
• ‘The Non-Writer’s Guide to Effective Web Content’ (video course with cheat sheets)

3. Marketing Agency

Skill areas:
• Marketing Strategy
• Graphic Design
• Marketing Automation

Possible info product:
• ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Automation’ (eBook)

4. Fitness Club

Skill areas:
• Fitness
• Nutrition
• Wellness

Possible info product:
• ‘31 Ways to Lose Weight after the Holidays’ (eBook and video course)

5. Retail Clothing Store

Skill areas:
• Fashion

Possible info product:
• ‘What to Wear to Your Interview: A Guide for College Students and Recent Graduates’ (video course)

6. A Family Restaurant

Skill areas:
• Recipes
• Kitchen equipment
• Local food acquisition
Possible info product:
• ‘31 Meals You Can Make with 100% Local Food’ (eBook)

7. B2B Software Company

Skill areas:
• Process development
• Their own product
Possible info product:
• Certification in the company’s product (training course with formal certification)

8. Local Pro Golfer

Skill areas:
• Golf
Possible info product:
• ‘How to Drive the Ball 300 Yards’ (Video course)

9. Landscaping Company

Skill areas:
• Lawn Mowing
• Landscaping

Possible info product:
• ‘The Complete Picture Guide to Backyard Landscaping’ (eBook)

10. Stay-at-Home Mom

Skill areas:
• Taking care of children
• Transportation

Possible info product:
• ‘50 Healthy Brown-Bag Lunches You Can Make for $2 Each or Less’ (eBook)

11. College Student
Skill areas:
• Studying
• Test taking
• Campus geography

Possible info product:
• ‘The Science of Taking Multiple-Choice Tests: A Guide for College Students’ (eBook)

Folks, those are just a few examples of the top of my head!

As I hope you can see by now, the list could go on for many pages to come.

However, the point is this: whatever your business, whatever your interests, or passion, whatever your skills, you have what it takes to create and sell an info product.

Remember this: if you know how to tie a shoe lace you will be seen as an expert by someone who doesn’t know how!


We may laugh but think about it for a moment.

If there IS something you know more about than allot of others and even if you don’t know all there is to know there are still going to be those that will see you and what you know and consider you an expert.

As you know by now, I firmly believe anyone can create, sell, and profit from information products.

Personally, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the process of creating my first info product.

I’ve benefited tremendously from it (and others) since then—financially of course—but also professionally.

Most of all, creating info products gave me more confidence than I’d ever imagined.

I promise you: when you create and launch your first info product, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn—in addition to the money you’ll likely make from the process.

As a bonus, if you stick with it for a while, someone will eventually buy your product, consume it and then come back to you and say, “Wow, that was amazing! Do you have anything else?”

I have no words to describe how good you’ll feel when that happens to you for the first time.

Knowing someone learned something life changing from my info product?

It doesn’t get much better than that.

But here’s the thing about info products:

Creating info products can make you money—a lot of money—if you do it right.

But more than that, the process of creating and selling your own info product is a life-changing experience.

It will make you better at everything you do—for the rest of your career.

How much of a positive impact could you have on the world and on people’s lives?

How much could you learn about yourself?

How could you find ways to integrate an info product into your existing business?

You’ll never know until you try.

So this is today’s action

Start today to breathe life back into the idea you’ve been sitting on and let us know in the comments area below what it is and the date by when you’re going to have it ready to market.

We are here to support and cheer you on!

Now go get ‘em tiger!

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My name is Mark Huber and I trust that you found this information of value and I wish you all the very best of continued success.

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