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My Name is Mark Huber: This is how I work. How may I be of service to you today?


Hello and Welcome

My name is Mark Huber and I am so delighted to be speaking with you today!

I am looking forward to getting to know you as time goes by

And right now, I’d like to take a moment and briefly share my story so that you get to know me and get a crystal clear picture of what I do, why I do it and how I may be of help to you – now, or in the future…

I worked successfully as a certified financial planner (CFP for short) for almost 30 years in the highly competitive financial services world

My success was due in large part to the Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing skills I acquired over years of study (‘000’s of dollars spent on courses, coaching and mentoring) and implementation.

This marketing knowledge made me uniquely qualified for success both in the financial services industry as well as the marketing and advertising industry…

Because no matter the industry, product or service offered – it all comes down to creating and promoting an effective message and putting it in front of a receptive audience to ultimately create and win an educated and ideal client to work with.

This formula makes for increased visibility, awareness and sales… It’s a ‘win-win’ for everyone involved!

Now, my #1 passion is (and always has been) helping people to accomplish their personal and financial goals.

And as a financial planner that revolved around helping them get creative with their home mortgage and personal debt and show them how to get rid of both faster than they had ever had previously thought possible.

In fact, I created a report and calculator called: “How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt Fast” (using what I call: “The Snowball Method”)

I also wrote a ‘how to’ book based on hundreds of interviews over the years called: “The UnCanadian Way To Get Rid Of Your Mortgage And Create Wealth” This is a powerful blueprint that lays bare a simple, highly effective & proven formula to pay off your mortgage years sooner than you ever thought possible and is stuff that your bank is not telling you..

However, one of my long time frustrations as a planner was that I felt I was only addressing one part of my clients “formula for success”…

While advising on their mortgage, personal debt investments and the like was important and rewarding enough – I often felt limited and “impotent” because of a families lack of financial resources to really ‘step up’ to make more of a meaningful impact in their financial world as collectively they planned and saved for their futures and personal and financial goals in life…

The bottom line was that I had no way of showing them how bring more money into their lives!

Until now that is!

I’ve long recognized that my role is not only to partner with individuals to assist them in creating prosperity and financial peace of mind for themselves and for their family but also to work proactively to bring the most innovative planning tools, strategies, ideas, products and people to the attention of my clients on an ongoing basis.

And now while I still can’t give individuals or families a salary increase I CAN show how to get “online” and to make money with the ideas they have and the tools and resources available on the Internet.

Now, this is a very enriching and rewarding experience!

I am now really and truly making a real and meaningful impact on a global basis and in the lives of many today!

In fact, I believe that It was not your fault if you were born poor

But it will definitely be your fault if you die poor


Because of the Internet

At no other time in the history of man has there been such an incredible platform to access and so much opportunity to create either a generous 2nd income or a ‘full on’ online business.

I also firmly believe in the ideal that when we discover something of great value it is our obligation and pleasure to share it with others….

And that is why I am speaking to you today!

If you’re new to my channel I live in Vancouver Canada where I help entrepreneurs, business people and individuals (perhaps just like you) grow an audience and generate revenue from your relationships specifically through social quizzes; viral contests & giveaways; email marketing and just one good webinar.

If that sounds appealing to you I am always up for a chat!


Mark Huber

Tel: 604-880-1972
Skype: mark.huber1
Email: SuccessOnTheFlyMarketing (at) gmail.com

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I am also author of ‘How To Growth Hack Your Idea To Profits In 21 Days’ (Discover how to take your big idea & turn it into a profitable online business – even if you have no product or service yet & no one knows you online)

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